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Vyshyvanka (traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt) is our spiritual armour as we’re defending our freedom, our dignity, and the values of the free world. This May 18 we will mark Vyshyvanka Day, as well as Crimean Tatar Genocide Memorial Day.

This will be an important opportunity to gather together to commemorate the sacrifices of those who have fought for Ukraine in the ongoing war, the situation of Ukrainian prisoners of war and Russia’s historical and contemporary attacks on the Crimean Tatar People.

Wear your embroidered shirt with pride and honour on May 18th to let your Canadian colleagues, neighbours, and friends know that Vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians wherever we live and whatever the challenges we face.

Vyshyvanka = Love.  Vyshyvanka = Protect.   

Vyshyvanka = Have Faith.    Vyshyvanka = Await.

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On Vyshyvanka Day 2023, we will be organizing our annual campaign to engage Canada’s Senate and House of Commons, provincial and territorial legislative assemblies, as well as local councils from coast to coast to coast. More than 1500 vyshyvanka-style ribbons will be distributed between the senators, MPs, MLAs, MHAs, MNAs, mayors and councillors.

Movies about Ukrainian heritage

Спадок Нації
(The Legacy of a nation)

The first ever documentary about Ukrainian embroidered shirts.

Соловей Співає (The Nightingale Sings)

A documentary on the history and importance of the Ukrainian language

Ткацький Шлях (Weaving Path)

A documentary on folk weaving as part of Ukrainian cultural heritage.

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