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On Vyshyvanka Day 2022, we organized an unprecedented campaign that engaged Canada’s Senate and House of Commons, and all provincial and territorial legislative assemblies. More than 1100 vyshyvanka-style ribbons were distributed between the senators, MPs, MLAs, MHAs, and MNAs.

This campaign had a trifold effect: 1) it helped those who don’t have their embroidered shirts to mark Vyshyvanka Day; 2) it renewed attention to the war in Ukraine on both levels of government; 3) it helped to establish/strengthen the relationship between our local Ukrainian communities and their elected officials.

Many thanks to the UCC-National Vyshyvanka committee, all local coordinators, and those who helped us find the contacts from coast to coast to coast. Thanks to Olena Vynnychuk and her family for their hard work preparing the ribbons. Thanks to the Koota Ooma store for the discount on the materials.

Vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians! Slava Ukraini! Glory to Canada! #VyshyvankaCanada2022 #VyshyvankaDay2022

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